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International students discussing about overseas education plans.

How to Apply - Language School

Our team of experienced advisors will guide students aspiring to study overseas for Boarding Schools, Foundation Programs, Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhDs as well as short courses from Language Schools.

Meet Your Advisor

1. Choosing a country.
2. Budget plan.
3. Get advice about language schools and courses.
4. Learn about accommodation, airport pickup, local transportation and other activities.

Get a Quote

1. Find out the cost and the services covered.
2. Understand the visa and course application process.

Apply to the School

1. Inform the school of your needs.
2. Confirm the details of your application.

Prepare for departure

1. Apply for your visa.
2. Pre-departure briefing.

Bon Voyage!

Your advisor will be in touch to assist you after you've arrived.