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How much should you budget for your overseas education? With our decades of study abroad advisory experience, we can provide you with a reference of standard tuition fees and living costs for the UK, US, Australia, Ireland or Canada.

Kent College, Canterbury

Australia Tuition fees

Australia is a popular destination for studying abroad. The tuition fees of Australian universities vary greatly depending on where you study, what type of degree and what subject you study. Another important point to consider is the opportunity to find a job locally. Many students choose to work or do internships outside of school in Australia to accumulate work experience and subsidize their living expenses. 


The following provides more detailed information regarding tuition fees for students and parents to help them understand the cost of studying in Australia. 

Undergraduate tuition fees

AUD29,000-50,000 per year

Postgraduate tuition fees

AUD32,000-51,000 per year

Accommodation fees

Accommodation on campus: AUD 1,600-2,000 per month
Host family: AUD 1,000-1,300 per month
Private rented accommodation: AUD 600-1,000 per month

Living expenses

AUD 500-700 per month

The current Australian student visa requirements state that you must have at least AUD 21,041 in your bank account each year. International students must also prove that they have purchased round-trip tickets during their studies. 


The cost of studying in Australia depends on the program and location you choose. Make a free appointment with our expert advisor. Let us help you plan your study abroad by considering your background and needs.