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How much should you budget for your overseas education? With our decades of study abroad advisory experience, we can provide you with a reference of standard tuition fees and living costs for the UK, US, Australia, Ireland or Canada.


UK Tuition fees

How much should I budget to study in the UK? Tuition fees vary by department and living expenses can vary depending on where you live. The British government provides scholarships for international students, such as the Chevening scholarship. Intake also has exclusive scholarships with many renowned universities in the UK. You are welcome to speak with our advisors for more details and tips on applying for scholarships. 


The following provides more accurate information on tuition fees as a reference for students and parents regarding the cost of studying in the UK. 

Undergraduate degree tuition fees

£10,000-38,000 per year

Postgraduate degree tuition fees

£11,000-32,000 per year

MBA program

£6,441-68,150 per year

Living expenses (London)

£1,334 per month

Living expenses (outside of London)

£1,023 per month

The current UK student visa requires that if you plan to study in the UK outside of London, you must prove that you have £1,023 per month to cover your living costs, and £1,334 per month for living costs if studying in London.