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Education Systems

Degrees and education systems vary from country to country, with different programme structures, lengths of study, and processes, whether it is an undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degree. But don’t worry! Your Intake advisor can help you thanks to our considerable experience advising students on their overseas study plans. Let’s take a look at the differences between the education systems of different countries like the UK, US, Australia, Ireland and Canada.

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PhD Degree

A PhD is generally regarded as the highest degree that can be granted by institutions of higher education. Students are required to conduct original research and write a thesis, making a major contribution to their field of study, demonstrating that they possess the abilities expected of a PhD. The title used with this degree, duration of study and requirements for the doctorate vary by country. We provide PhD application services for the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and other countries. We have listed some common types of doctoral degrees below. 

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The Traditional PhD (pure research)

 The traditional PhD, focused on research, is the most common but is also often seen as quite daunting as one needs to find a suitable supervisor to ensure that you can successfully complete the programme. To do this, you need to write a proposal which will include a literature review, hypothesis, methodology and indicate what original contribution you believe this research will make. The proposal is hugely important as it will demonstrate your understanding of the field and will show if you are sufficiently prepared to take on a PhD programme. The traditional PhD usually takes around 3 years to complete but can take longer depending on your field of study and difficulty of research. 

The most difficult parts of applying for a PhD programme are writing a research proposal and finding a university and supervising professor that suit your area of research. But don’t worry, our Intake advisors have decades of experience in assisting with PhD applications, we can guide you through the process! 

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The New Route PhD

Established in 2001, this type of programme was designed to cater for overseas students that have not been exposed to the same level of research as their UK counterparts. The new route programme (or integrated PhD) is completed over 4 years where students will have in-depth tuition on their subject and will also be taught a variety of research techniques. 

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Part Time PhD

In some instances, students are allowed to go to the UK for the 1st year of their PhD and are then allowed to return to their home country to collect data. This is often done at the discretion of the professor and is determined by the nature of the data that needs to be collected. Students will need to return to the UK to analyse the data and write up their thesis under the guidance of the professor. 

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Professional Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA

This programme is designed for people that have a lot of experience in the field of business and management and helps them to develop practical skills and ideas that can be applied to management theory. The programme is academically demanding but differs from the traditional PhD in that it does not prepare candidates to become research active or to lecture in the field of management. 

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Professional Doctorate in Education, EdD

This works in a similar way to the DBA in that it allows experienced individuals to examine and research issues in the field of education and allows them to develop new practical skills.