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Jugjit Singh Cheema

study abroad advisor: Jugjit Singh Cheema
Jugjit Singh Cheema
Regional Manager

Jugjit grew up and graduated in the UK, then worked for over 17 years at the University of Birmingham as a Regional Manager (International Office). Jugjit has worked across Europe, Africa and Asia delivering substantial growth in international students across all study levels. He also supported the College of Social Sciences, Life & Environmental Science, and Medical School with their international recruitment, working alongside academic and marketing staff to raise the profile of their courses, increase student numbers and develop partnership opportunities. Jugjit joined Intake in 2019 as the Regional Manager for India and Thailand, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in recruitment to our university partners. He delivers a number of workshops about studying in the UK to students and parents to help them make an informed decision. Jugjit is also leading our expansion in India.

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