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Sameer Khan

study abroad advisor: Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan
Senior Advisor
UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Hi, my name is Sameer Ahmed Khan. I am a senior advisor with Intake Education, Mumbai Office. My work experience comprises over twelve years in the overseas education industry. Throughout my career, my roles have focused on advisory and management. I have handled admissions and visas for New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Canada. 


I have counselled thousands of students and parents to make their study abroad aspirations come true. I am always keen to make sure that my counselling is informative to impart the right guidance to students. I always try to provide analytical solutions to students so that they can manage their finance efficiently. Providing accurate career advice to the students at the same time considering their prospects has always been my priority. I am always excited to assist students to explore international study opportunities and helping them achieve their career goals. 

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