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Julliet Owusu-Ansah

study abroad advisor: Julliet Owusu-Ansah
Julliet Owusu-Ansah
Assistant Advisor
Canada, USA, Australia

Hello, I am Julliet, an Advisor Assistant at Intake Education!
I trained as an Educationist at the undergraduate level.
Having taught students for a couple of years has invariably further equipped me with the requisite skills and techniques in helping students to make informed decisions and choices.
Life is full of choices, however, making a crucial and significant choice that will fully harness your potential in academia should always be guided by a career and a study advisor.
Helping students to make laudable decisions and choices intrinsically fulfill me as a person.
Let me be the ideal advisor you have always yearned for with regards to studying abroad.
I can assure you that, our professional and expert counsel is free of any charge.
With opened arms, I welcome you to Intake Education.
Seize the opportunity and make history.

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